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The write side of life

The write side of life


I found this snippet in ‘The Telegraph’ last weekend.  It refers to a request made around 1966 for The Beatles to provide a score for As You Like It. It would have been performed at The National Theatre.  It doesn’t say why Paul McCartney turned it down, maybe they were busy or perhaps they didn’t feel it matched their image.  It was such a lost opportunity though.  Could you imagine if As You Like It’  now came with a Beatle’s score? How wonderful would school productions be? What a marriage it would have between the brilliance of the Beatles and the timeless elegance and entertainment of the Bard. Two major English icons would have been joined and would have stayed together into posterity. Sometimes two things will combine and there is an amazing synergy for which we can only be grateful. Unfortunately, this is one that got away. 

Posted 271 weeks ago

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